Books on France 2014 Reading Challenge

Words and Peace is having a Books on France 2014 Reading Challenge.  Since I am going through the Rougon-Macquart series by Emilé Zola, this will be an easy challenge for me.




The rules for this challenge are:


Any book related to France

  • it can be set in France
  • written by a French author
  • written in French, by authors from any country
  • about a French theme: French cuisine, French fashion, etc.
  • it can be a book counted for another challenge

All genres are accepted

All media is accepted

LEVEL 1: "un peu" = 3 books

LEVEL 2: "beaucoup" = 6 books

LEVEL 3: "passionément = 12 books

LEVEL 4: "doublement passionément" = 24 books

LEVEL 5: "a la foile" = 52 books


Please see her post for details about a special giveaway!


I will go for LEVEL 1, because I'm not sure if I will make LEVEL 2 but I will give it a try.








In addition to Zola, I am going to try to read at least one book in French in 2014, possibly two.  Sadly I am going to make them children's books, because my French needs serious review.  My choices are:




Bonne chance!