Back to the Classics Challenge 2014

Here it is!  The challenge I have been waiting for!  Back to the Classics Challenge 2014 is being hosted this year by Books and Chocolate.  She has taken over for Sarah at Sarah Reads Too Much and has already done a wonderful job organizing this challenge.





The rules for this year are as follows, including a few changes:


This year there are six required categories and five optional categories.

1.  20th Century Classic

2.  19th Century Classic

3.  A Classic By A Woman Writer

4.  A Classic In Translation

5.  A Wartime Classic

6.  A Classic by an Author Who is New to You


1.  An American Classic

2.  A Classic Mystery/Suspense Thriller

3.  A Classic Historical Fiction Book

4.  A Classic That Has Been Adapted into a T.V. or Movie Series

5.  Extra Fun Category - Write a Review of #4

She also has made another rule:  All classics must be published 50 years ago or earlier, so nothing before 1964 will be considered a classic.

Please check out her blog for information on prizes and additional explanations.


Even without a blog, I participated in this challenge every year.  It is my easiest challenge and probably the most fun for me.  So if this challenge sounds like fun to you too, pop over to Books and Chocolate to check it out.  And good luck to everyone!